training-dogWhat’s the difference between a dog with professional training and one without?

A well-trained dog is:

Happier: Has a more positive attitude. You enjoy your pet’s company even more.
Obedient: Willing to follow your leadership. You’re more confident with your dog.
Friendlier: Gets along with other dogs and people. You feel proud.
Less hassle: Bonds with owner. It’s easier for you to find care when needed.
Confident: Less anxiety, no aggression. Less worry for you.
Calmer: Stays under control, whether on or off leash. You can take your pet to the park, daycare, or almost anywhere.

And of course, a well-trained dog will be an even better friend to you and your family.

Dog Training Solutions to Meet Any Need

We offer training solutions, no matter your dog’s age, breed or needs.

Maybe you need to house train your new pet. Perhaps you have an older canine who could behave a little better.

Or possibly, you’re dealing with more serious issues like:

  • Aggressiveness
  • Anxiety
  • Dominant behaviour
  • Extreme submissiveness
  • Lack of social skills (with people and/or other dogs)
  • Breed specific issues

Proven, Balanced Training Methods

We use balanced, proven training methods. Every dog, with its own unique personality, requires a tailored approach. However, our philosophy is to always be consistent and teach with positive reinforcement.  We do use a variety of tools that are very effective when used correctly.  Depending on the dog, we may use a prong collar, a Halti, a Slip lead or an e-collar.  We will teach you how to communicate with your dog utilizing this equipment using positive reinforcement with food.

For more details about our approach to effective training, please get in touch.


Our Training Programs

We offer a variety of different training, both group and private.

To move forward with training, start the process by reading about our training process and trainers.


You can also fill out an application form for private lessons or Board and Train with Janet Burns here


or Puppy class with Monika Lisak here.

Private Lessons

Price: starting at $500 | 6 weeks | 60 minutes/week

Private Lessons are for those wanting more in-depth instruction, and also for dogs with behaviorial issues (again, as determined by our application process).

The one-on-one sessions allow our trainers to deal with issues specific to your canine, incorporate other training methods and tailor exercises to your unique needs.   click here


Board & Train

Price: starting at $800 per week

This program is ideal for anyone looking for the best results possible in a short amount of time.  You love your dog but don’t have countless hours to train.  You are frustrated by the results you’ve seen so far working your dog alone.  You don’t know where to start to get the results you want.  Other training has not worked out well for you.  You want a family/companion dog that respects you and and wants to please you.

Combining boarding with training (usually for a two week period) is ideal for anyone looking for a trained dog or to quickly fix behavioural issues.  It is also the perfect fit for anyone going on vacation, busy with work, moving to a new home or just needing a break and being able to relax.

There are many benefits of a board and train are many.  It includes consistent training daily to ensure clarity for your dog.  Daily human and dog socialization sessions, daily exercise and work on basic manners.  Your dog is in a home environment and living in real world situations.  The program is fully customizable to cover any topics from standard obedience, specific goals or rehabilitation of various issues.  We include ongoing support to ensure your success.  There will be a go-home lesson and a follow-up lesson one week later.  There will also be ongoing support for the life of your dog through email and telephone conversations, pack walks etc.

Please contact Janet for further information or questions on this program.   Or click on one of the links below to fill out an online application.   click here

For Janet Burns click here or


For Monika Lisak click here.  (Puppy class instructor)

Puppy Lessons 

$150.00 for six lessons .

Puppy class outline (for puppies 8 – 22 weeks)

Week one: – overview of what will be covered over the next 6 weeks ( setting your puppy up for life- handling, nail trims, brushing, crate/ sleeping arrangements etc) – name recognition / intro to recall – basic good manners ( reinforcing good behaviours, addressing inappropriate ones) – basic potty skills – feeding and a little bit of diet info Last 20-30 min of class is social time- recognizing appropriate and inappropriate play with other dogs.

Week 2: – recap of lifeskills – name recognition/ recall – building confidence Playtime

Week 3: – recap – getting engagement from your pup – working for food in small increments – confidence games Playtime

Week 4 : – leash manners – handling your dog at the vet, basic grooming skills – recall Playtime

Week 5 : – confidence games – leash manners – recall/ name recognition – mealtime manners Playtime

Week 6 : – intro to sit – recap everything – leash manners and venturing out for a walk – confidence games and addressing fear. Playtime Each week we will discuss the same topics in different scenarios and help people troubleshoot with any problems they may be encountering . This class will be a fun, informative as well as a highly interactive experience for owners and their pups and will help start each pup off on the right foot for a happy,  healthy, well mannered and well balanced future.

Puppy classes are ongoing so you can join any Sunday class. Class time 3:30 – 4:30.   Preregistration is required.    Classes must be continual once started (one missed class only can be made up) Click the application link.   Monika Lisak click here.

Monika  grew up with dogs and learned from an early age that each dog is unique and has different ways of learning. This was brought to light even more when she started working with rescue dogs for the better part of 10 years, fostering, training, working with foster homes and adopters all confirmed the great need for trainers to help people work with their dogs and create a happy, harmonious and balanced relationship. Every dog deserves to live in a healthy state of mind each and everyday! Monika Lisak

Here is a great link on appropriate exercise for your puppy.

Group Lessons

Please follow this link to register for group lessons offered by Cher Woods of Streetwise Canine:


Suzanne & Willow on the e-collar

I was very apprehensive about using an e-collar but after a few lessons with Janet realized it is an extremely valuable tool. After a year of trying the positive only approach I was not getting the results I wanted with Willows aggression towards some dogs. I knew I had to do something more productive to help Willow because I wanted to keep her and other dogs safe. I soon realized when properly understood and employed e-collars can be effectively used to modify dog behaviour. I worked with Willow for a full week just using it as a positive reinforcer for commands she already knew, at her working level of 4 out of 100. When the time came to use it at a higher level for a correction of unwanted aggressive behaviour I was able to distract her and call her off. I have gone to the dog park several times with the e-collar and when Willow shows the first sign (usually a glance) of causing trouble I correct her with one tap and it’s over in a second. I immediately call her and she gets rewarded for her recall. Everyone is happy and relaxed! Using it has also improved her recall immensely when she gets into prey drive! I can now let her off leash on trails everywhere. Thank you Janet for showing us that training collars are extremely safe and effective tools!