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Deborah Kressler & Macie

"When my husband and I moved to the country, we were so looking forward to letting our dogs have more space outdoors and enjoy “safe” free play off leash. Unfortunately, our youngest dog took to bolting from the house any chance she got and racing off our 2 acre property…many times ending up in our neighbours garage chowing down on their cats food. For our dog’s safety and our peace of mind, we knew we needed help to fix this and FAST.

Enter, Janet!

Working with Janet not only has been a great pleasure but she has helped us quickly convert our dog to be a better listener and more obedient. We can now play outside with Macie and even go for walks, all off leash, with her listening and responding well. It’s like Janet has given us a whole new dog!

Janet not only has been extremely pleasant to work with but she is very knowledgeable and her love of dogs really shines through. She didn't just work on fixing “issues” with Macie, but she also, in a kind way, pointed out things we needed to do differently as dog owners. I have worked with some trainers in the past that made it all about food and some that were way too aggressive with the dogs and their owners. Janet has adapted a wonderful balance which not only proves successful but makes for a very pleasant experience for both the dogs and owners.
Now we are looking forward to joining in some of the fun classes Janet is planning at her training facilities.

Thank you Janet!"