grooming-puppyIf you want your dog to look and feel its best, proper grooming should be a part of your regular schedule.

Grooming isn’t just about looking good, with a bath, new haircut and pedicure; it’s also important for your dog’s health. Proper hygiene, nail trimming and dental care all help keep a canine healthy.

Of course, effectively grooming a dog isn’t an easy task. It takes a well-trained, patient professional to clean, comb and trim. Our skilled groomer can make your dog look fabulous, and importantly, spot any issues that might need further care.

So why not treat your special friend to a day at the spa!

Does Your Dog Need Grooming?

There are many signs that it’s time for grooming. Keep an eye out for:

  • A matted, tangled and/or dirty coat
  • Hair that’s too long
  • Excessive shedding
  • Excessive scratching of skin
  • Long, sharp nails
  • Rheumy, watery eyes

Setting a Grooming Routine

Like feeding and walking, grooming should be a part of your dog’s routine. Yes, with busy lives, it can be a challenge to add something else to the schedule. But your dog will thank you for the extra care and love !

Accounting for your dog’s personal grooming needs, our groomer can help you establish a routine that includes regular grooming and ongoing maintenance between sessions.

Check the Schedule & Set Up a Session

Monday-Sunday, 9am to 5 pm.  Grooming is by appointment only please although we will try to fit you in if possible.  Early morning and evening appointments available by request.

To set up a grooming session, call us at 613.592.5355 or 613.592.6264.


Bath & Tidy

Full Groom Bath & Tidy
Small Breeds $50 – $65 $40 – $55
Medium Breeds $65 – $80 $55 – $70
Large Breeds $80 – $120 $70 – $100

Additional & Walk-in Services:

  • Nail clip $11
  • Nail grind $14
    • Nail clip, shave out pads, paw trim $18
  • Face trim $15
  • Ear pluck $5
  • Anal glands $15
  • De-matting $30 per half an hour (consultation with groomer required)

* Please note that if your dog is severely matted a $30 charge will be applied in addition to the usual grooming fee, at the groomer’s discretion.


Tarn Keable: Professional Dog Groomer

Tarn is an avid dog lover and is passionate about the work she does at Dog Dayz.  Tarn is typically available Saturdays only.
Tarn and Charlie
Having had many years experience with dogs and horses, she treats all her clients’ dogs with kindness and compassion.
Tarn is an experienced groomer in all breed and “pet” clips, ensuring the groom is always in the best interest of the dog in her care.
She also provides pet “aesthetics”.  Fun and creative applications for your canine companion.  This includes, hair colour, nail polish and tattooing.  Just ask Tarn what kind of look you would like!
To make an appointment please call  613.592.5355 or 613.592.6264 or





Chloe has worked under groomers throughout the Ottawa area, before graduaChloe pic for grooming pageting with honours from ICS Canada’s Professional Pet Grooming course. She takes her appointments one at a time to ensure each dog is groomed start to finish and has her full attention. She specializes in Poodles and Schnauzers, but enjoys & has experience grooming breeds of all shapes and sizes and gives the same attention to detail with every haircut. She tries to make every experience a good one, making sure each dog is comfortable and happy.  Chloe is typically available for grooming Monday – Friday.

To make an appointment please call 613.592.5355 or 613.592.6264 or


Sarah Scammell: Professional pet groomer
Having grown up with dogs, cats and horses, Sarah treats every dog as her own. She has professional experience with dogs and cats any shape, size and coat from breed standard to pet trim with a specialty for double coated breeds. She ensures that each one on one appointment is a positive experience so that every pet leaves happy and beautiful. Sarah is available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with occasional openings on the weekend.

To make an appointment please call 613.592.6264 or 613.592.5355 or