Grooming & Care

At Dog Dayz, we’re serious about providing your dog with the care it needs to look and feel great.

Currently, our services include grooming, massage and reiki.


Why not treat your dog to a day at the spa?

Our professional groomers will give them a bath, haircut and pedicure.



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Suzanne & Willow on the e-collar

I was very apprehensive about using an e-collar but after a few lessons with Janet realized it is an extremely valuable tool. After a year of trying the positive only approach I was not getting the results I wanted with Willows aggression towards some dogs. I knew I had to do something more productive to help Willow because I wanted to keep her and other dogs safe. I soon realized when properly understood and employed e-collars can be effectively used to modify dog behaviour. I worked with Willow for a full week just using it as a positive reinforcer for commands she already knew, at her working level of 4 out of 100. When the time came to use it at a higher level for a correction of unwanted aggressive behaviour I was able to distract her and call her off. I have gone to the dog park several times with the e-collar and when Willow shows the first sign (usually a glance) of causing trouble I correct her with one tap and it’s over in a second. I immediately call her and she gets rewarded for her recall. Everyone is happy and relaxed! Using it has also improved her recall immensely when she gets into prey drive! I can now let her off leash on trails everywhere. Thank you Janet for showing us that training collars are extremely safe and effective tools!