Dog Daycare

Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Due to the busy lives we lead, sometimes we just can’t give our dogs all the care they need, all the time.

When time won’t allow, it’s important to find a way for your pet to get that care. This is why we offer Dog Daycare.

Why Use Our Dog Daycare?

daycare-doggyThere are many reasons why you may need help in caring for your dog.

  • You’re too busy to give your dog the exercise it needs for top health.
  • You’re having renovations done or service people to your house.
  • Your new baby demands all of your time and attention.
  • You’re at work all day and your dog has become stressed or poorly behaved.
  • To give your pet, whether puppy, adult or senior, the chance to socialize with other dogs.

Our Program

Price: $33/day | $24/half day (up to 5 hours).

  • Full-day Packages: 5 days for $150 | 10 days for $290 /20 days for $500
  • Half-day Packages: 5 days for $110 | 10 days  for $200   Packages are non refundable or transferable unless an evaluation on another dog has been approved.  (1/2 days are up to 5 hours and can start anytime up until 12:00pm)
We want to keep all of our charges safe, so won’t allow aggressive dogs to join the Daycare. This is why before we approve any registration, we assess the dog’s eligibility using our temperament evaluation process.

Once accepted, a dog at Daycare stays active and has fun, all while enjoying the company of others of its kind. We have a treadmill, interactive games, and a FitPaws® for core and strength training. No sitting around in cages at Dog Dayz!

We separate the little dogs from the big ones for their safety.  Although we know that dogs of all sizes can play well together, we want to make sure we take all necessary precautions to keep the environment relaxed and fun for all.

Collars are on dogs in our care however we ask that you provide your dog with a Quick Release collar (one that snaps together).  Again, it’s all about safety so no buckle collars or martingale collars…or any style of training collar or harness.  They just aren’t safe while playing.

Of course, too much activity could exhaust or wind up your dog. So afternoons include a nap time/down time, and during the day, there’s one-on-one time with a staff member.

Should your dog receive a Bordatella vaccine intra nasally or orally, please keep him home for a period of 7 days as the virus can be shed and spread.  We do not require the vaccine as there are over 40 strains of canine cough and the vaccine only covers a couple of them.

Late fee of $10 for first 15 minutes, and $10 for each part of 15 minutes thereafter.

What If Your Dog Isn’t Yet Ready for Daycare?

If you feel your dog, due to behavioural or other issues, isn’t a candidate for daycare, consider our training programs. With the proper training, your dog may be able to eventually join our daycare program and take part in other fun activities at Dog Dayz.

Our Facilities

Designed to keep your dog safe and healthy, our facilities are of the highest professional quality.

We researched what’s best for dogs, installing a special rubberized floor that prevents injury, eases joint strain, and eliminates slipping. Our 3-door system prevents any excited dog from escaping.

Our indoor play area is over 3,000 sq. ft.  We also have an awesome outdoor space with 6′ high PVC fencing and Canine turf for your dog’s fun and safety.

And you can’t beat the convenient location: Dog Dayz is located close by the Eagleson Rd. Park ‘n Ride in Kanata.

To determine if your dog is a good fit for daycare, first fill out our evaluation form prior to arranging for your dog’s on-site temperament assessment.
Belinda Stephenson & Josée

"Janet is a fantastic trainer and caregiver. She has taught me how to understand my dog Josée, a very active and sometimes stubborn dog. Before, I would get very frustrated with her, but I now have the skills to be calm but in control. Josée is now a happy and a well behaved girl.

Josée also had the benefit of Janet caring for her. I had planned and unplanned medical issues which meant that I could not take Josée for her walks. It was such a relief knowing that Josée had someone who would take care of her like I would. Josée loves going with Janet. When the phone rings in the morning, Josée runs to the front door and waits patiently (not) for Janet to pick her up.

I look forward to taking new classes and to further training with Janet."