Our Team

Charlene Foley, Manager

Charlene Foley is an all-breed dog lover dedicated to behavioral and routine based structured training. Over the past 7 years Charlene has immersed herself in the world of dog rescue and fostering where she has successfully re-homed a plethora of dogs. With in-depth knowledge in puppy training and the rehabilitation of neglected dogs she has had exposure to a variety of unique situations requiring varied approaches. Charlene is a continual learner, engrossing herself in educational seminars to ensure her constant growth and learning in the Pet care industry. She believes that structured socialization, exercise and boundary setting ensure an overall happy, healthy, and positive family dog.

Savannah McCullough, Daycare Supervisor

I started at Dog Dayz as a co op student.  I have been working in the animal field for two years now. Working at Dog Dayz has really helped me reach my goals and fully realize my career path of aspiring to become a dog trainer. I volunteer with a number of Rescue organizations and have had past experience in fostering. I am an advocate for all breeds, especially bully breed awareness.





Andrew Levert, Daycare Attendant

ANDREW is a young pup born and raised in Ottawa where he graduated in 2012 from Bell high school with good grades and a knack for adventure.   As a daycare attendant at Dog Dayz for four years, Andrew has learned a lot about the importance of socialization and communication between dogs and he is pet first aid certified to ensure the best for the pack. Andrew is always happy to greet new members of the pack.




Danielle Ouimette, Daycare Supervisor Part time

Danielle grew up on a hobby farm and that’s where her love of animals began.  Her mother became an obedience trainer and she accompanied her at many trials as well as shadowing classes as a junior trainer for 2 years.  She has first hand experience with many breeds from Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes and is constantly reading and learning about animal behaviour.  Currently Dani owns a 9 year old black lab named Foxxy and is to to add a Shiba Inu to her household.  She will be attending university to receive her bachelor of biology degree to continue her work in the animal field and aspires to work with wolves one day.

Jordan Hamilton, Daycare Attendant

I didn’t know I wanted to work in the pet industry until I got co-op placement here. As soon as I got the hang of things, I fell in love with the job. I look forward to seeing the dogs every day and miss them over the weekends and holidays. The job takes a lot of work but it’s worth it to see our dogs and owners happy. I could not imagine working anywhere else.





Suzanne Skinner, Part time Daycare Attendant

Suzanne is a life long pet owner and lover of all animals. Currently her canine companion is Willow, a blue merle Miniature Pincher adopted in 2014 from the Minipinerie. Willow started life out in a Quebec puppy mill. She has come a long way! Suzanne believes that animals teach us about patience and love by forcing us to slow down and enjoy the little moments.